Netflix saw more than 3.5 million service cancellations in US in Q1 - Insider Paper


As Netflix admitted that it is rapidly losing paid subscribers, data analytics firm Antenna revealed that the subscription platform saw 3.6 million cancellations in the United States, its most mature market, in the first quarter (Q1) of this year.

The quarterly loss is more than one million dollars higher than what Netflix experienced in both the first and fourth quarters of 2021.

Netflix’s active monthly churn rate was 3.3% as of the end of March.

“Data show that Netflix’s active monthly churn rate increased by 0.95 percentage points month over month in January.” Netflix’s active monthly churn rate will be 3.3% by the end of March 2022, according to a blog post from the US-based analytics firm.

Antenna last saw a similar spike in Netflix churn in September 2020, when the service released the film Cuties amid much controversy (active monthly churn reached 3.6 per cent during that per... (Read more)

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