Gas Prices in Joe Biden's America Hit Another Record High


Gas prices in President Joe Biden’s America hit another record high on Friday as the Biden administration continues its assault on American energy independence.

The national gas price average rose yet again on Friday after reaching new highs over the course of the week.

On Friday, the average for regular gas reached $4.432, up from the record of $4.418 that the U. S. hit on Thursday. The national average for mid-grade is $4.794, and the average for premium is $5.072. Diesel also hit a new high on Friday, standing at $5.560.

The average price is well over $5.00 for regular gas in states such as California and Nevada.

The new record is just the latest after a week of climbing prices at the pump. All the while, the Biden administration has continued its assault on American energy independence, which started on day one with the cancelation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Then this week, a spokesperson for the Interior Department confirmed that the Biden administration canceled gas lease sales in Alaska and the Gulf of New Mexico.

A spokesperson for the Interior Department said on Wednesday the “Cook Inlet lease sale would not proceed due to insuff... (Read more)

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