Pelosi suggests COVID death toll would be worse than 1 million without Biden in office


As COVID-19 deaths reach 1 million in the United States, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested the situation would be much worse if President Biden wasn't in office.

"God knows how bad it would be if he had not taken the actions that he has taken," Pelosi said Thursday at her weekly news conference at the Capitol.

When Biden took office in January 2021, the number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States was about 400,000 under President Trump. Biden campaigned on beating COVID-19 and Pelosi reiterated the goal was to "crush the virus."

In the 16 months since Democrats have controlled the White House and Congress, an additional 600,000 some people died in the United States from COVID-19. Later Thursday, Pelosi will lead a moment of silence on the steps of the Capitol with House and Senate members to mark the tragic 1 million death toll count.

Asked by Fox News Digital Thursday whether Democrats could have done anything else to prevent the death toll, Pelosi said she's "proud" of how Biden has handled the crisis.

"I want to salute President Biden for what he has done in the fight against COVID," Pelosi said. "[He] made a drastic difference from the denial that our country was in before and the lack of attention that was given to it.

"[The] president is paying attention to science,... (Read more)

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