Baby formula shortage hits NYC parents, special needs kids hard


Babies aren’t the only ones impacted by the crippling formula crisis: Special needs kids – and their frantic parents – are also feeling the brunt.

As parents continue to trawl the bare aisles of New York stores, pharmacies are also struggling to make ends meet for the young children who have ongoing prescriptions for formula.

Roger Paganelli, the owner of the mom-and-pop Mount Carmel Pharmacy in the Bronx, told The Post he has “hundreds of patients” who are fed formula out of medical necessity – including kids who have tubes in their stomachs because they’re unable to ingest food.

“These are complex, special needs patients,” Paganelli said Thursday.

Some parents have regular, scheduled pickups for the prescription formula — but the pharmacy is now having to ration it out to make sure every child gets a portion.

“We’re trying to balance and ration as best as we can. It’s a very sensitive situation. These are hard decisions to make,” Paganelli said.

“The moms are stressed. They need to feed their children. The kids need the formula. The pharmacy is the outlet of the stress and we feel their pain.”

Meanwhile, other parents are now being forced to contemplate what comes next if they do run out of formula.

Shady Gramajo, 31, of Forest Hills, Queens, told The Post she may have to miss a day of work if the formula shipment her mom has sent from Florida doesn’t arrive in time for her 3-month-old daughter.

“If it doesn’t [arrive], I’m going to squeeze out every ounce of milk I have in my breasts,” Gramajo said. “I was thinking of calling out of work and having her latch all day on my nipple to try to get milk.”

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