GOP Senate Candidate Goads Sean Hannity, Dares Him To Host Debate With Dr Oz


Republican Pennsylvania candidate for Senate, Kathy Barnette, challenged Fox News’ Sean Hannity to host a “balanced discussion” between her and opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz after Hannity expressed support for Oz on Thursday.

“If @SeanHannity wants to claim his show is ‘fair and balanced,’ then bring me on, in-studio with @DrOz and let’s have a fair and balanced discussion,” her tweet read.

“I’m blocking out 9pm on Monday, just for you Sean. Ratings will be huge! See you then,” Barnette tweeted.

Barnette’s tweet comes after Hannity expressed support for Oz in the GOP Primary after recent polling indicated it would be a three-way race. A recent Fox News poll found Oz polled at 22%, David McCorm... (Read more)

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