Psaki Claims White House Is On Top Of Baby Formula Shortage, But Hoarding Is An ‘Enormous Problem’


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that the baby formula shortage was in part the result of people “hoarding” the available supply and then selling it for a higher price, profiting from the desperation of the families who needed to feed their babies.

Psaki took a number of questions on the issue during Thursday’s press briefing, and she began by saying that President Joe Biden had been anticipating the shortages and working to find solutions for quite some time.

CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe pressed Psaki on that point, asking when President Biden had first been briefed on the potential for shortages, but Psaki declined to give any details. “I’m not going to get into internal briefings,” was all she would say.

CBS's @EdOKeefe: "On the formula shortage…you said that this is been something that's been in the works for several months, mostly through the FDA. When was the first time the President was briefed on the shortage? Psaki: "I'm not going to get into internal briefings."

O’Keefe pressed again, asking whether anyone had considered invoking the Defense Production Act and once more whether Biden had been apprised of the situation prior to this week. “It wasn’t like this suddenly popped up?”

CBS's @EdOKeefe: "He would have known about this before this week? It wasn't like this suddenly popped up?"Psaki: "This is something the administration has been working on for some time now." (3/3)

Fox News White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich continued in the same vein, noting that a whistle-blower had come forward last October to warn the FDA.

“It does seem like we should’ve seen this coming, that maybe the FDA could have done more on the baby formula shortage,” she said. “The whist... (Read more)

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