Russia announces deployment of over 140 warships, some to Black Sea, after Biden warning


Russia announced on Thursday the deployment of over 140 combat and supply ships, over 50 aircraft, 1,000 pieces of military equipment, and 10,000 military servicemen.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the Russian Navy will have a series of exercises in all zones of responsibility from January to February, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

"In accordance with a plan for training the Russian armed forces in 2022 a series of naval exercises will be held in January-February in all zones of the fleets' responsibility under the general guidance of the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov," the news release says, TASS reported.

"The exercises will encompass seas washing Russia and also World Ocean areas of key importance. There will be some exercises in the Mediterranean and Northern seas and the Sea of Okhotsk, in the Northeastern Atlantic and in the Pacific," the Defense Ministry said, according to TASS.

Six amphibious assault ships from the Baltic and Northern fleets left the port of Baltiysk on January 15 to go to an area designated for an upcoming exercise, TASS reported.

A day before, there were reports of six Russian amphibious warfare vessels from the Northern and Baltic fleets passing through the English Channel, according to The Drive. Some expect the v... (Read more)

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