HUNGER STRIKE: THE END 'Indefinite' hunger strike over failed voting bill ends after 8 days


Hunger strikers who said they would protest until voting rights legislation was passed ended their demonstration Thursday after eight days.

"We ended the strike because we lost, and it is really infuriating that nothing we did over the past year … was enough," Un-PAC co-founder Shana Gallagher told Fox News.

Democrats failed to change filibuster rules Wednesday, meaning the party didn't have the votes to pass the voting legislation. Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema voted against the rule change, joining every Republican in the 48-52 vote.

The hunger strike started with 40 activists and ended with 34.

Gallager told Fox News on the first day that the group was "committed to an indefinite hunger strike" until voting rights legislation passed the Senate. By the eighth day, the group felt "delirious," "uncomfortable," "tired" and "infuriated," Gallagher said.

"We ended because the bill failed," she told Fox News.

A West Virginia student similarly said: "No matter what it takes, two days, 20 days

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