Biden Expresses Doubts on Voting Rights After Closed-Door Meeting at Capitol Hill


President Joe Biden admitted Thursday he’s “not sure” his election bills will move forward after members representing key votes in the Senate expressed their unwillingness to vote in favor of changing the rules to get the bills passed.

On Tuesday, the president gave a speech in Georgia calling for the Senate to end the filibuster if needed to pass two measures to overhaul U. S. elections.

Biden made his case again in front of the Senate in a closed-door meeting at Capitol Hill on Jan. 13, but Democratic Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.) and Joe Manchin (W. Va.) had each already expressed their unwillingness to support changes to the 60-vote threshold needed to get the bills through.

Sinema said earlier Thursday, speaking on the Senate floor, that she supports the voting bills, but would “not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division that is infecting our country,” adding that there was no need to restate her support for the 60-vote rule.

Manchin said in a statement later: “Ending the filibuster would be the easy way out. I cannot support such a perilous course for this nation.”

Following his trip to Capitol Hill, Biden expressed his doubts about the bills to reporters.

“The honest to God answer is I don’t know whether we can get this done,” Biden said. Then raising his voice, “As long as I’m in the White House, as long as I’m engaged at all, I’m going to be fighting.”

One bill, named for the Georgia congressman John Lewis, who... (Read more)

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