Cambridge professors have public argument over whether the word 'eloquent' is racist


An argument has erupted between two Cambridge University professors over whether it was racist to use "eloquent" to describe a Black presenter.

David Abulafia, an Italian bestselling author and historian, wrote about the protesters acquitted of property damage after they toppled the statue of a noted slave trader and philanthropist Edward Colston in Bristol in 2020. Alubafia’s article, published in the Telegraph, talked about "the eloquent David Olusoga," who testified on Colston’s career.

The op-ed drew a strong reaction from Priyamvada Gopal, an Indian professor of postcolonial studies at Churchill College, who criticized Abulafia for writing a "weak" article that "few undergrads produce."

"Calling writers/scholars/intellectuals of color‘ eloquent’ or ‘articulate’ – e.g Abulafia on Olusoga – can quite often be a little sleight of hand dismissal," Gopal tweeted. "'Yeah yeah yeah, you talk a good game, people ... (Read more)

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