Shoppers decry 'skyrocketing' inflation: 'It's outrageous'


Prices are "skyrocketing" and consumers are paying "an increase on everything," Maryland shoppers told Fox News after inflation reached a 40-year high.

The consumer price index rose 7% in December compared to a year ago, the highest it's been since June 1982, according to a new Department of Labor report released Wednesday.

"It's outrageous," one shopper, John, told Fox News. "I don't know how some people are out here living."

Another shopper, Delmar, said: "Anything that you use daily, it's skyrocketing."

Another person, Rick, said he looks "at the man in charge" when considering factors that have contributed to rising inflation.

Robert, another shopper, told Fox News: "Blame it on the Democrats. Trump was in office and everything was great.

"Biden's in office and everything goes to s---," he continued.

""We have the wrong people in office," he told Fox News. "They have a different agenda that's really not for the average person's benefit."

The producer price index, which measures inflation at the wholesale level, surged 9.7% in December over the same period from a year ... (Read more)

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