Colorado Boulder students have a month to complete COVID-19 booster mandate to take in-person classes


University of Colorado Boulder students have just over a month to get their COVID-19 booster shots or go remote for the remainder of the semester.

Colorado Boulder is one of many schools across the U. S. that is requiring students to get an additional round of the vaccine as in-person learning returns amid rising omicron cases.

"To comply with CU Boulder’s updated COVID-19 guidance, members of the campus community are required to receive a vaccine booster shot by Feb. 24 or five months after receiving the final dose of the original series, whichever is later," the university's website states.

Students and staff must submit proof of their vaccine boosters online or file exemptions based on "medical, ethical or moral grounds."

The university delayed its spring semester reopening after winter break to Jan. 24 due to devastation caused by the Marshall Fire in Boulder County and omicron.

"Because of the impacts of the fires, in combination with concerns about the COVID-19 omicron variant, the broader Boulder area is not in a position to welcome back thousands of students over the next week," Chancellor Philip DiStefano said in a Dec. 31 lett... (Read more)

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