Model Brooklinn Khoury gets new lip after horror dog attack tore off upper lip, portion of nose 1 year ago


Brooklinn Khoury, the 22-year-old model and skater whose lip and portions of her nose were torn off by a pit bull, underwent major plastic surgery earlier this month in order to craft a new "lip" from a forearm skin graft.

Khoury was attacked in 2020 when a relative's dog ravaged her face. She has spent one whole year vetting surgeons to repair her catastrophic facial injuries.

The Daily Mail reported that she said the animal was "was shaking her head like a toy" during the attack, which ultimately saw the model lose her entire upper lip and parts of her nose.

A YouTube video from Khoury's channel titled, "I'm getting surgery!" detailed the aftermath of the November 2020 accident on the one-year anniversary of the attack.

Khoury said, "I have really mixed feelings about [the surgery]. I'm excited to get surgery to begin to heal again and work with this doctor. I'm also really sad to kind of stop my life again and have to go through the healing process."

She continued, "I feel like I'm such an active person, so for me to be out for a little bit, it hurts my head mentally. Coming out of the surgery, I am not going to be able to move my mouth at all, so I have to have a feeding tube up my nose. I have to be on a liquid diet. I have to be in the hospital for five days after the surgery. It's gonna be a lot, so I'm gonna need all the prayers I can get."

According to the Daily Mail, Khoury's surgery reportedly cost $400,000.

In the video, Khoury said that the "very complex surgery," which involved having her arm cut open in order to remove a main artery to supply blood to the new skin around her mouth, was scheduled for Nov. 17.

"They have to take a main artery and take the skin, fold it and put it put it on my mouth," she described. "T... (Read more)

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