BREAKING: NFL Might Have Corrupt Officials On Its Hands!

Philadelphia Eagles fans are calling for the termination of the officiating crew from last night's game after extremely biased officiating.

From Bleeding Green Nation:

Look, I don’t enjoy being “complain about the refs” guy. I don’t think anyone really wants to be that person.

But the AWFUL, one-sided officiating from Pete Morelli’s crew on Thursday night in the Philadelphia Eagles versus Carolina Panthers game needs to be called out. It was disgraceful. It was so bad that I’m still talking about it after the Eagles friggin won the game.

The Eagles were penalized 10 times against the Panthers for a total of 126 penalty yards. The Panthers, meanwhile, were also penalized once for one yard. This disparity was so lopsided that it was actually THE FIRST TIME IN NFL HISTORY that it happened.

It’s not like this was just one weird game, either. Morelli’s crew has a track record of calling a lot more penalties on the Eagles than their opponents. Remember the awfully officiated Eagles-Lions game from last year? Yep, that was Morelli’s crew.

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Posted Friday, October 13, 2017



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