Bill O'Reilly Has Bad News For The NFL


President Trump declared victory this week. The commander-in-chief is essentially boasting that he has vanquished the nation's most powerful sports league, its owners, and its players. In other words, "Mission Accomplished."

And in fact, the president is correct, even if his end zone celebration is a bit unseemly. National Football League boss Roger Goodell, by all accounts, will soon demand that players stop kneeling or otherwise protesting during the National Anthem.

The NFL, trapped in a box of its own making, is desperate to find some graceful way out. But there really is none. If, as expected, the league orders all players to stand during the Anthem, one player has already predicted an "uproar," and many on the left will immediately scream "racism!"

We see it already. After Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that his players will stand, the charming Al Sharpton said Jones has a "plantation mentality." The rapper Common went farther, accusing Jones of acting like a "slave owner." Even sports pundit Michael Wilbon, usually a reasonable guy, trotted out the "plantation" analogy.

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Posted Thursday, October 12, 2017



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