"Anonymous" NFL player calls Jerry Jones' decision TRASH!

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A player for the Dallas Cowboys isn't happy with Jerry Jones decision to stand during the National Anthem.

nypost.com reports: It sounds like at least one Cowboys player would like to protest Jerry Jones’ protest against the NFL’s widespread national anthem protests.

After the Dallas owner put his foot down with an ultimatum stating any player on his team who protests during the national anthem will be benched, the whispers have begun leaking out of the Cowboys locker room about the man who signs their checks.

“I’ve never heard this tone from Jerry, ever. Goes against everything he told us in Arizona,” one player, granted anonymity, told ESPN’s Josina Anderson on Wednesday.

In Arizona, Jones had knelt in prayer with the team, arms interlocked, just before the start of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” During the song itself, though, the entire team stood — which earned President Trump’s blessing, deeming pre-anthem statements OK but mid-anthem statements an apparent jab at the flag.

“Jerry told us to trust in him on this sit’n,” the player told Anderson. “Now I don’t know what 2 believe.That whole kneel b4 t/ anthem was trash.”

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Posted Thursday, October 12, 2017



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