Look what protesters did at author's presentation!!

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Protesters constantly disrupted a presentation by Charles Murray at the University of Michigan.

washingtonexaminer.com reports: Controversial author Charles Murray's speech at the University of Michigan was met with multiple disruptions by student protesters on Wednesday, and at one point, the lights were shut off, and someone projected the words "white supremacist" on the wall.

Someone also played "The Imperial March," or Darth Vader's theme song in "Star Wars," among other disruptions, Robby Soave, an associate editor at Reason.com, tweeted from the venue.

Murray's 1994 book The Bell Curve is the subject of a great deal of controversy and debate because he argued that IQ played a role in the development of the U.S. class structure — something which his critics view as racist.

According to Soave's account, at one point, Murray said, "Men and women can be different," to which members of the audience reacted, "Racist, sexist, KKK, Charles Murray go away."

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Posted Thursday, October 12, 2017



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