Hell Just Froze! Look What CNN Was Forced To Admit!

CNN is finally giving credit to President Trump and says ESPN and The NFL made a misjudgment and are paying the price.

From CNN:

(CNN) The NFL put out a statement on Wednesday denying it had capitulated to President Donald Trump and banned players from kneeling when the National Anthem plays before games.

This remains true, so far as we know, in the abstract. The league has not imposed any formal restrictions. (Yet. There are more meetings planned.) But even as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatened on Sunday to bench any player judged to be "disrespecting the flag," the presidential blitz continues -- and it becomes clearer that the NFL and ESPN's attempts to appease Trump have failed.

ESPN retreated on Monday, suspending SportsCenter host Jemele Hill, who has been critical of Trump on Twitter, following "a second violation of our social media guidelines." The inciting posts came in response to Jones' remarks, when she posited that fans who were dismayed by his statement might be wise to quit lining his pockets. (Hill later added that she was "not advocating a NFL boycott.")

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Posted Wednesday, October 11, 2017



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