Ana Navarro Just Went Looney Again!!

On live TV, CNN commentator Ana Navarro decided to thank CNN's Chris Cuomo for wearing a tight shirt.

Dailycaller reported:CNN political commentator Ana Navarro thanked host Chris Cuomo on “behalf of all straight women and gay men” for wearing a tight shirt during his coverage of Hurricane Irma Wednesday on “New Day.”

“Damn did Chris Cuomo look good doing it. I want to thank him on behalf of all the straight women and gay men of America who got to see him in that tight t-shirt. Brought us at least one silver lining. Listen, now back to global warming,” she said.

Navarro also gave a long thank you to her home network for aiding Irma victims.

“If I can have a moment of personal privilege before answering about my party pretending to be so damn dense, I want to really thank the ‘New Day’ team. I want to thank my CNN family, my CNN colleagues for everything they have done for the last week to keep Floridians, to keep Americans informed. I’m so grateful for people like Chris Cuomo.”

CNN commentator Bob Ferguson stayed on point with climate change during the segment, calling it bad taste for mainstream media outlets to focus on politics during a time of personal struggle.

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Posted Wednesday, September 13, 2017



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