Hillary Just Sunk Deeper Into The Gutter!! Look What She Had The Audacity To Say!!

During a recent interview, Hillary Clinton had the audacity to blame Benghazi for her political defeat.

Fox News reported: In her first live interview since the election timed with the release of her new memoir “What Happened,” Clinton on Wednesday brought up the controversy over the Benghazi terror attack in response to a question about her likability.

Clinton said she was unfairly criticized, even suggesting the incident was no different than past tragedies dating back to the Reagan administration.

“Take the Benghazi tragedy—you know, I have one of the top Republicans, Kevin McCarthy, admitting we’re going to take that tragedy—because, you know, we’ve lost people, unfortunately, going back to the Reagan administration, if you talk about recent times, in diplomatic attacks,” Clinton told Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s “Today." “But boy, it was turned into a political football. And it was aimed at undermining my credibility, my record, my accomplishments.”

Clinton's reference to House Majority Leader McCarthy was an apparent swipe at his 2015 boast that the Benghazi committee was hurting Clinton politically. And her mention of Reagan administration-era attacks was likely a reference to the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Beirut, in which 17 Americans were killed.

However, the criticism of the Obama administration after the 2012 Benghazi attack in which four Americans were killed was based on several factors.

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Posted Wednesday, September 13, 2017



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