U.K. Dating Show Objectifies Fully Nude Female Genitals!

A nude dating show has been met with outrage after a contestant chose his female partner by inspecting their nude vaginas.

We will not provide these images on RSW; you will have to click through to Express UK to see the (censored) images.

From Express UK:

VIEWERS were left mentally scarred during the latest instalment of nude dating show Naked Attraction when participant Darryl said one woman’s vagina looked like a cheeseburger.

The Channel 4 show sees either a man or a woman stand in front of a selection of boxes which gradually reveal parts of the body of whoever’s inside.

Based on the bodily features of the people in the boxes, the participant eliminates them one-by-one and goes out on a date with whoever’s left over.

Tonight’s edition saw Darryl - a DJ from London - whittle down the six women standing in the boxes before him.

Firstly he was shown their rear-ends, after which they turned around to show him their vaginas.

Darryl was sure to take a closer look, leaning in to the women individually ispecting their private parts.

He commented on the “neatness” of some, before pointing out that one woman in particular had a vagina that revealed some of her labia.

It was at this point that Darryl compared this woman’s vagina to a cheeseburger.

This led to a multitude of viewers to take to Twitter to express their disbelief, outrage or amusement at the comment.

“He's describing Labias like cheeseburgers! I may never eat a bacon double cheeseburger ever again! #nakedattraction,” one quipped.

“Your vagina looks like a cheeseburger ~ From a man questioning why he's single?” another observed.

A third quipped: “I wouldn't let this creeps pickle near my cheeseburger!”

Read more: (Link: www.express.co.uk)

Posted Wednesday, September 13, 2017



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