BREAKING: Hillary Clinton's Brothers Have Stunning Link Exposed

Hillary Clinton's brothers insisted on a business venture linked to Russian mobster Grigori Loutchansky.

From Gotnews:

Hillary Clinton’s brothers Anthony and Hugh Rodham in 1999 initially refused to pull out of a business deal with Georgian politician Aslan Abashidze who is linked to Russian mobster Grigori Loutchansky. The CIA had testified to Loutchansky’s mob connections years earlier.

Pressure in 1999 from Clinton-era National Security Adviser Sandy Berger didn’t convince Hillary’s family to forego a sketchy $118 million deal involving Abashidze’s hazelnut-growing operation. Only political pressure not “to do any harm to the first lady or the administration” convinced them to abandon the deal, according to the LA Times.

Bill Clinton and Al Gore met privately with Loutchansky in 1993 at a Democratic Party dinner and took a photo with him wedged between them. According to court testimony London’s Times reported on in 2001, it was at that event Bill Clinton “had asked the Russian [Loutchansky] to act as an intermediary to make Ukraine a nuclear-free state.”

Loutchansky dined at a 1994 White House fundraiser.

At least two years before the Rodham brothers’ negotiations, House Speaker Newt Gingrich claimed officials told him Loutchansky had shipped Scud missile warheads from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq to North Korea.

In 1999, the Rodham brothers had refused to pull out of their deal with Loutchansky’s associate Abashdize until “‘rumors or allegation’ of wrongdoing were proved.”

On Sunday, GotNews revealed Chinese spy and Clinton campaign donor James Riady’s scheme to scoop up the U.S. copper supply for the communist regime and his company the Lippo Group.

“Next to Loutchansky”—said James Woolsey in Nov. 1996, whom Bill Clinton had appointed to lead the CIA—”the Lippo syndicate looks like the Better Business Bureau.” Woolsey backed up then CIA Director John Deutch’s congressional testimony that Loutchansky’s Austrian company Nordex was “an organization associated with Russian criminal activity.”

In Dec. 1997, The Washington Times relayed Time magazine’s reporting connecting Loutchansky’s company “Nordex to nuclear smuggling, drug trafficking, and money laundering, saying it was established to ‘earn hard currency for the KGB.'”

Wrote William Jasper for The New American in Jan. 2007:

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