BREAKING: Corrupt Chinese Billionaire Spy Has Scandalous Plan Exposed!

A corrupt Chinese billionaire spy wants to buy over one billion pounds of American copper to control the copper market.

From GotNews:

Chinese intelligence-connected billionaire James Riady wants to purchase an enormous copper mine to corner the market for China despite being banned from the United States in 2001.

The Chinese are colonizing Africa but rapidly running out of copper deposits to mine in stable areas. “No matter where the project is, Chinese investors are coming for it,” and as China’s appetite dramatically outpaces its domestic supply and as Chinese investors chase after other countries’ resources, that includes America.

Riady’s acquisition would be little more than a foreign occupation of American resources. The purchase could yield over 1.5 billion pounds of copper, according to a report surveying the vast deposits.

Riady’s connections to Chinese intelligence raise further troubling questions about the potential buy. Why should China have access to up to 750,000 tons American copper through a corrupt runaround?

Riady runs roughshod over U.S. law to get what he wants: Ever-increasing profits. He is closely connected with the Clintons by criminal activities and rolls of cash. He donated $20,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative. Federal authorities slapped him and his Lippo Group with an $8.6 million fine after a Clinton fundraising scandal erupted. The Washington Post calls it “the biggest penalty in the history of U.S. campaign finance violations.”

That fine did not deter the billionaire Raidy. (The extremely wealthy can brush off fines—perhaps prison time would get their attention.) He kept contributing illegally to Democrats, leading to a case where he pleaded guilty for a “conspiracy to defraud the United States” in 2001.

Despite this, he made at least two unreported trips to the U.S. in 2009 after receiving a visa waiver under Hillary Clinton State Department, who did not think “a crime involving moral turpitude” should be taken seriously if it meant helping a corrupt crony. The George W. Bush administration for its many faults had denied him entry.

Wikileaks revealed Riady also contributed to the Clinton Foundation slush fund: “The Asia Climate group is working on building a retrofit program in Indonesia with funding from James Riady,” a board packet on the foundation’s financials from December 2011 stated.

Then-RNC chairman Haley Barbour noted in 1996 that the Clintons and the DNC were taking campaign contributions from Riady’s Lippo Group and a notorious Russian arms dealer:

But since then, we have new revelations today that James Riady of the Riady Lippo Group, the Indonesian conglomerate that has—it and its allies have made more than a million dollars of contributions to the Clinton re-election effort and the Democratic National Committee.

Despite statements to the contrary by the White House, it was revealed today, and admitted by the White House, that Riady had visited the White House at least 14 times since Clinton was president. It also became known over the weekend that the Democratic National Committee’s financial group had been soliciting Grigory Luchansky, a known Russian arms dealer; had invited him, and he had intended a small fund-raiser with President Clinton in 1993, and had invited him again in 1995 to another small fund-raiser, despite the fact that the CIA had said he was one of the most—was the number-one target of Western intelligence because of drug dealing, arms sales, sales of plutonium; that his company Nordex had been set up as a KGB front.

And the American people want to know why do you have Indonesian magnates in the White House 14 times. Why does the Democratic National Committee solicit contributions from Russian arms dealers?

The Chinese hunger for mineral resources knows no bounds. Unlike former European colonial powers, the idea of “human rights” is foreign to them (for better or worse). This leads to fatal conflicts between the natives and hungry foreign companies, particularly in Africa. The extreme disparity in national average IQs—Zambia’s 79 versus China’s 105—only exacerbates tensions and misunderstandings, but this has barely slowed down Chinese investors. Their leaders are smart and put their interests first.

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Posted Sunday, July 16, 2017



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