BREAKING: NYPD Intercepts Private Security At Disrupted Anti-Trump Play!

From Gotnews:

New York City police officers had to pull security goons President Trump assassination snuff artists The Public Theater hired off of conservative protester Salvatore Cipolla during Shakespeare in the Park’s final showing of “Julius Caesar” Sunday evening—prompting one NYPD officer to tell Cipolla, “I appreciate everything you did. Like, if it were it up to me, like, I wouldn’t arrest you,” according to a defiant Cipolla in his first interview following his arrest for disrupting the performance.

Security guards tried to tackle Cipolla after he took to the stage during a scene in which U.S. senators began stabbing an obvious President Donald J. Trump stand-in. Cipolla yelled a slogan he was wearing on his T-shirt, “CNN is ISIS”—a reference to CNN host Kathy Griffin‘s recent photography with a mock-up of the president’s severed head.

Police “were pulling security off of me because I was complying, but security wasn’t letting me comply. [Public Theater security guards] weren’t letting me put my arms behind me, and the cops were telling me to put my arms behind me and I’m being twisted in all weird directions.”

Cipolla is a member of the “Proud Boys,” a self-described group of chauvinists for Western Civilization.

Those sick of Trump assassination snuff can contribute to a Cipolla legal defense fund through crowdfunding pioneer WeSearchr, as well as that of Rebel Media commentator Laura Loomer who similarly protested the play Friday.

Undettered, Cipolla kept screaming to liberals in the crowd who enjoyed watching a simulating of President Trump being murdered, “Goebbels [German Third Reich propaganda minister] would be proud!” and “We’re sick of your bullsh*t!”

According to Cipolla:

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Posted Monday, June 19, 2017



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