Police Officers to get their own "Amber Alert" system

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A new nation-wide system is to be put in place that allows information to be shared on a wide scale when crimes and acts of violence are carried out against law enforcement.

cnn.com reports: The Justice Department announced Friday the rollout of a new alert system to specifically disseminate information on any threats or crimes against law enforcement officers.

The National Blue Alert system will be similar to AMBER Alerts -- which broadcast instances of child abduction via cell phones and other wireless devices as well as on freeway overpasses -- and will operate nationally and be managed by the DOJ. The system, announced on the conclusion of National Police Week, is designed to get information out quickly to make it easier and faster to find suspects of the suspected crimes.

"This network provides the means of quickly identifying, pursuing and capturing violent offenders who have hurt, killed or pose an imminent danger to law enforcement," said Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a statement. "This National Police Week, we are proud to show our support for our nation's brave police officers and to work with our federal partners to keep them safe."

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Posted Saturday, May 20, 2017



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