BREAKING Exclusive! Nuclear Blast Could Be Imminent- Look What Was Leaked From FEMA!

Is nuclear war coming? According to this tweet, due to the possibility of a nuclear fall out between North Korea and the U.S., leaked documents from FEMA show a blast location, a blast radius, and exercises in preparation for such an event.

The first slide shows two images indicating the possible blast location and its radius. The city used in the slide is New York City. The slide also show the possible causality count from the nuclear blast.

The second slide shows five cities that will begin their "exercises" from April 24th through the 28th. It is unclear what the exercises entail, but presumably it could be exercises responding to a nuclear blast.

Right now, this is all that was leaked from FEMA. We will update when more information is given.

Posted Friday, April 21, 2017



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