Well, Well, Well, Look Who Was Behind O'Reilly's Firing All Along!!

According to reports, the progressive wives of Rupert Murdoch's sons were the force behind the firing of Bill O'Reilly from Fox News.

NYDailyNews.com reported: Two powerful women quietly helped behind the scenes to bring Bill O’Reilly down.

Sarah and Kathryn Murdoch — the wives of the ousted talk show host’s young bosses — are at least partially responsible for his humiliating exit from Fox News Wednesday.

Sarah, 44, is a progressive-minded, British-born Australian model, former host of "Australia's Next Top Model" — and wife of Lachlan Murdoch, co-chairman of Fox News Channel parent, 21st Century Fox. She was also instrumental in convincing her husband to boot the controversial O’Reilly, company sources told MediaBlast. "These woman have unique access and complete trust (of Lachlan and James)," a Fox News executive said.

"They're very progressive and the O'Reilly situation has infuriated them."

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Posted Wednesday, April 19, 2017


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