Well, Well, Well, Look Who Was Just Sentenced To Jail In Ohio

An Ohio based environmentalist has just been sentenced to jail on 13 counts of voter fraud.

Dailycaller.com reported: An Ohio-based environmentalist whose group once accused energy companies of election fraud was sentenced this week on charges she falsified voter registrations.

Rebecca Hammonds, an activist with Ohio Organizing Collaborative (OOC), a wealthy anti-fracking grassroots organization, was sentenced to 180 days in jail Monday after pleading guilty to 13 felony counts of election fraud in January. She originally faced 35 counts.

The fraudulent registrations happened two years ago in Columbiana County.

Her legal troubles are ironic considering OOC claimed in 2015 that election fraud stymied the Community Bill of Rights initiative, a ballot proposal that would allow communities to ban fracking in their towns. A hand recount eventually found that their proposal failed on its own merits.

Hammonds apparently believed flubbing the voter registration numbers would convince OOC to continue bankrolling her position.

“I felt like I needed to keep the numbers up because it was stated that if there weren’t very many numbers then they would pull the funding, which would mean not only my job but eight other peoples’ jobs,” Hammonds said.

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Posted Sunday, April 02, 2017



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