BREAKING: The White House Has Just Delayed An Executive Order

Accorded to reports, the White House has delayed an executive order related to federal climate change policies.

The Hill reported: The White House has pushed back the release of an executive order related to federal climate change policies, sources confirmed on Monday.

President Trump was expected to sign an order as early as Monday beginning the process of ending several climate initiatives advanced by the Obama administration.

But the White House has pushed back that timetable until potentially next week, two sources told The Hill.

Politico first reported news of the delay.

Trump is widely expected to use his executive order to roll back several climate change policies put in place and championed by Obama. The order will likely ask regulators to begin the process of undoing the Clean Power Plan, the administration's signature climate rule designed to cut power-sector carbon emissions. Trump is also aiming to lift a moratorium on new coal-mine leasing on public land.

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Posted Monday, March 20, 2017



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