China going to extreme measures to combat toilet paper theft

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Beijing authorities have installed facial recognition software in public restrooms to prevent people from stealing toilet paper. reports: It seems like the pettiest of powder room problems, but apparently toilet paper theft has gotten so bad at the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing, authorities have installed facial recognition software in the stalls.

In order to get a few sheets, visitors now need to make eye contact with a computer before the dispenser spits out a serving of TP. The facial recognition program keeps the dispenser from offering another round to the same person; if you need more, you reportedly need to sit tight -- literally -- for nine whole minutes.

Visitors say the biggest targets of this new crackdown are older people who stuff their bags and pockets full of toilet paper to take back home.
"Many old people come here for free toilet paper. They were probably born in 1940s or 1950s," said Wu Qingqi, a visitor to the park. "During that time, people were very poor. And they somehow still are in fear of being poor. Other migrant workers come here too."

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Posted Monday, March 20, 2017



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