Obama's Posse Coming Undone: Close Ally Could Face 357 Years In Jail!

Corrine Brown, a close ally to Obama during his presidency, could face 357 years in jail and a $48 million fine for stealing scholarship money from children.

From Worldpoliticus:

Criminals in America run free only because they once played an important role in the world of politics, and by “criminals” we mean Obama, Hillary, and many of their fellow Democrats. Most Americans agree that the former president should be put behind bars for the damage he caused to his country. But, the good news is that his closest allies are going to jail, one at a time.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown may get 357 years in prison and $48 million in fines for her “sticky hands.” Brown stole scholarship money, and that’s the worst harm one can do to children. The Congresswoman funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from One Door for Education straight into her criminal pocket.

Brown was a top Democrat at the time, and Nancy Pelosi was one of her best friends. She accompanied former president Obama during his flights, and voted for Hillary Clinton. Democrats are already panicking, as they thought that the law will never reach for Brown.

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Posted Sunday, March 19, 2017


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