New York Times columnist says media's worst fear is coming true

NYT's Thomas Friedman fears President Trump is getting too popular these days and that people actually like talking about the President.

From BreitBart:

Thursday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman reacted to President Donald Trump’s press conference earlier in the day, in which he took media.

Friedman, who strongly disapproves of many of Trump’s policies, said Trump had three things going for him, one of which was that he is entertaining and that he feared could wind up being an addiction for “a lot of Americans.”

“What worries me, I guess most Wolf right now, and I listened to this press conference, you know, Trump I think has basically three things going for him right now. One is that he’s very entertaining and I fear that a lot of Americans are getting addicted to him. I fear that we in the media, and I don’t exclude myself, are getting addicted to writing about him because it’s just so easy to do, number one. And so, he’s got the entertainment value.”

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Posted Friday, February 17, 2017



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