Ugh Oh! Look What Black Lives Matter Is Going To Do At The Super Bowl

According to reports, Black Lives Matter may be planning to disrupt the Super Bowl on Sunday. Breitbart reported: HOUSTON, Texas – In addition to massive security constraints, Super Bowl attendees will also have to face possible disruption of their arrival plans by Black Lives Matter protesters. Black Lives Matter organizers are planning a protest dubbed “Stand Up, Fight Back: Super Bowl LI Protest March.” “It is time for the city government of Houston to see how diverse we are,” organizers posted on Facebook. “The grand claim was made that we are a ‘welcoming city,’ but the treatment of the local homeless community, gentrification, lack clarity on where our elected leaders stand on Trump’s policies and of course the issue of anti Blackness need to be addressed.” “WE WILL MARCH UP FANNIN FROM HERMANN PARK TO NRG PARK. RAIN OR SHINE,” organizers wrote. The march is scheduled to coincide with the arrival of attendees to the Super Bowl. Attendees have been encouraged to use public transportation. Some of the seating capacity of these buses and trains could be taken up by protesters in an attempt to slow down the attendees’ arrival to the NRG Stadium. The protested is expected to end before game time. Read story @ (Link: What do you think? Please share and comment

Posted Sunday, February 05, 2017


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