BUSTED! Longtime Friends Of Corey Booker Caught Him In A Huge Lie

Before Corey Booker became senator of New Jersey, he was caught fabricating a heroic story of him saving his neighbor in a fire. Today, senator Booker unleashed a flurry of false allegations against senator Sessions during his Attorney General confirmation hearing. Booker's credibility is not the greatest.

The Daily Caller reported: NEWARK — Mayor Cory Booker has repeatedly claimed he saved his neighbor from a fire in 2012, but two of the neighbor’s longtime friends say Booker’s story is not possible and the neighbor — a woman with an extensive criminal record — is not to be believed.

Zina Hodge was allegedly rescued from a kitchen fire by Mayor Booker in April 2012. The story received international media attention, with the New York Times, CBS, ABC, Oprah, and the New Jersey media among many others, providing extensive coverage of the “superhero” mayor.

In Booker’s telling of the story, he entered the burning building next to his own property, after breaking the restraints of a police detective, in order to rescue Hodge. He claims he threw Hodge over his shoulder and carried her to safety while sustaining second-degree burns on his hand. He later appeared on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” to tell the legendary hostess that he had a “come to Jesus moment” in which he felt he might not survive.

According to neighbors and community activists Donna Jackson and Cassandra Dock, the entire story is a fabrication.

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Posted Thursday, January 12, 2017


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