College Students Banned From Passing Out Constitution; Look What They Did In Retaliation

Students at a Michigan College are on the offensive after being banned from handing out pocket Constitutions to promote their new conservative group. reported: These days, that aspect of college education is under assault. Instead of forcing students to confront opposing views head on, colleges have now begun setting up safe spaces where feelings are valued over logic. Instead of exposing students to a diversity of ideas, colleges have continuously banned speakers from campus that might “offend” students. (Case in point: our own Col. West’s experience this past fall.)
Of course, it’s increasingly obvious that the ideas unwelcome on college campuses are conservative ideas. Liberal professors outnumber conservatives 12-1. Conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro are the ones being banned from campus. Safe spaces are set up for students upset a Republican won the election, while midterms are canceled to appease those same snowflakes.

Students from the newly-formed Turning Point USA chapter at GVSU were handing out pocket Constitutions and pamphlets promoting their new group on campus recently when they were approached by two campus police officers, who instructed them to desist because they were violating the school’s solicitation policy.

Thankfully, the students at Grand Valley have decided to fight back. News broke yesterday that the students who were harassed by campus police have filed a lawsuit against the university for limiting free speech on campus. From Michigan Radio:
A student group at Grand Valley State University is suing the school for restricting free speech on campus.
The lawsuit alleges that members of the student group “Turning Point USA at Grand Valley University” were told by university police they would be arrested if they continued talking to students outside a specified area on campus at an October event.

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Posted Saturday, December 10, 2016


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