Filmmaker Michael Moore “The only way Republicans can win…is to cheat. Is to somehow game it, rig it”

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Posted 12 days ago

Film Maker Michael Claims the only way Trump could win is if he “cheats.”

From The Hill

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore said Friday night that there’s no way President Trump can win reelection unless he “cheats.”

Moore appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” and warned that Trump may be planning ways to boost his chances against former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, in November.

“The only way they are going to pull it off is if he’s able to cancel the election or postpone it,” Moore said of the Trump campaign. “That is what we’re going to have to fight against because I’m certain that is what is going on in his head right now.”

Moore noted that Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic candidate, won the popular vote against Trump by 3 million votes but still lost the election. He suggested that Biden will win by 5 million but said Trump could still win the Electoral College with the help of his ardent fan base of supporters.

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