Iran Orders US To Pay Up or Face ‘Annihilation’

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Posted 9 days ago

The Iranians have threatened annihilation against the US and our allies if we don’t pay up $130 billion.

From Free Beacon

The Iranian government has ordered the United States to pay some $130 billion in reparations to citizens it says have been harmed by the Trump administration's tough sanctions policy on Tehran, according to a Tuesday announcement by Iran's judiciary.

Iran's demand for hard currency comes on the same day that its military leaders issued new threats to annihilate the United States, Israel, Britain, and Saudi Arabia. Both moves represent a further escalation in an already tense standoff between the Trump administration and Iranian mullahs.

Iranian leaders accused the United States and other Western powers of organizing a spate of popular anti-regime protests that have spread across Iran in recent weeks. The country's courts are now demanding that America pay a "$130 billion fine in damages caused by Washington's crimes to ordinary Iranian plaintiffs who have suffered from the unilateral policies of the White House and its destructive role in riots of last month," according to reports in the country's state-controlled media.

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