Starbucks Manager Said She Was Wrongfully Terminated Over ‘Pig’ Scandal

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Posted 9 days ago

The Starbucks manager involved in the “pig” scandal said she was wrongfully terminates and was not the one who wrote it on the cup.


GLENPOOL, Okla. (KTUL) — Lola Price, a former manager at the Glenpool Starbucks, told Tulsa's Channel 8 she was called Thursday evening by her supervisors.

They fired her after five cups with the word “PIG" printed on them were handed to a Kiefer police officer.

"Just still kind of in shock about it all," Price said.

She told Tulsa's Channel 8 her life has been wrecked since then.

"I was terminated from my position because, Starbucks was looking for someone to take the blame for this and to save some face from their company," she said.

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