Former slave confronts her ISIS rapist on TV after meeting him as a ‘refugee’ in German street

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 10 days ago

Kidnapped and sold into slavery at 14, one former Yazidi sex slave finally had the chance to confront her brutal Islamic State captor in a heartwrenching moment that has gone viral. Her story also had a disturbing European twist.

Standing before her abuser, Ashwaq Haji Hamid demanded answers, while the captured militant stood with his head bowed, refusing to look his victim in the eye for the entire confrontation. “Why did you do that to me?” she asked in a video filmed by Iraqi TV, demanding that he raise his head to face her.


Hamid recalled that the militant, called Abu Hamam, had bought her at an IS slave market in Mosul, Iraq, where the teen had been brought from Syria. He would sexually abuse and beat her several times a day.

“I was the age of your son, the age of your daughter,” she continued, before eventually fainting and collapsing to the ground in front of her now-handcuffed captor.

Hamid fled to Germany in 2015 and began to build a new life, but was forced to confront the trauma again when she bumped into Hamam on a street in Stuttgart, where he threatened her by saying he knew now where she lived.


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