BREAKING: Senators sent letter to Facebook CEO condemning the censorship of pro-Life group, and demanding an immediate correction

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Posted 11 days ago

United States Senators Issue Letter to Mark Zuckerberg Condemning Facebook’s Suppression of Pro-Life Educational Videos using a “Fact-Check” by Two Abortion Activists.

Washington, D.C. – Today, Sen. Josh Hawley, Sen. Kevin Cramer, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Mike Braun sent a letter to Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg condemning Facebook’s recent decision to use two abortionists as “fact checkers” of Live Action’s pro-life content, flagging it as “false.” The letter (full text here) states: “Your company, like Twitter, Google, Pinterest and so many of the other major social media firms in Silicon Valley, has repeatedly been presented with evidence of bias against those with conservative viewpoints, especially on the issue of abortion.”

On August 30, 2019 Facebook notified Live Action, a leading national nonprofit with the largest online following in the pro-life movement, that two videos affirming the widely-held view that “abortion is never medically necessary” were marked as “false.” This was part of a “fact-check” by two abortionists, Daniel Grossman and Robyn Schickler, who both commit and profit from the procedure. Facebook informed Live Action that the page of Live Action President, Lila Rose, and any links to would now have “reduced distribution and other restrictions because of repeated sharing of false news.” Users who shared the video received a notification that they had shared “false news.” Live Action and Lila Rose’s Facebook pages have over 3 million combined followers. Since Facebook’s decision to censor Live Action and Lila Rose, the American Association of Pro-Life OB-GYNS, an association of over 2,500 board-certified OB-GYNS, have condemned Facebook’s actions. Now, a group of U.S. Senators have also condemned Facebook’s actions and come out in support of Live Action.

Statement from Live Action Founder and President, Lila Rose:

“Thank you to Sens. Hawley, Cramer, Cruz, and Braun for their leadership in condemning Facebook’s decision to make two abortionists the arbiters of the national debate on abortion. Thousands of medical professionals hold the position that abortion – the intentional and direct killing of a child in the womb – is never medically necessary and that the medical community should see both mother and child as patients. Facebook’s attack on Live Action and me is an attack on the entire pro-life community. The platform should be a place for the free exchange of ideas, not one where only pro-abortion arguments are allowed. Live Action has asked Facebook to rectify this situation by rescinding their fact-check, sending a new notification to all users about the change, and apologizing, as well as reforming their “fact-check” process.”


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