Mike Pompeo Could Running!

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Posted 6 days ago

Mike Pompeo has done a fantastic job for President Trump and there’s a chance he may be running for Alabama Senate.

Pompeo reportedly has been talking to Steve Bannon on the plan.

From Washington Examiner:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently sought advice from former White House adviser Steve Bannon on entering the Kansas Senate race next year.

The talk between the nation’s top diplomat and Trump’s former campaign chairman was described to the Washington Examiner by a source who spoke with Bannon and by a second source briefed by two people close to Pompeo.

The former White House strategist “claimed that Pompeo was leaning towards a run,” said the source who spoke with Bannon.

The source briefed by people close to Pompeo said one of them was uneasy about Pompeo speaking with the outcast former Breitbart News chairman, who sought to forge links with various European nationalists after being scorned by Trump.

Pompeo publicly ruled out a run in February but spoke with Bannon last month, shortly before President Trump tweeted that Bannon was one of his “best pupils” and that he "loved working with him," implying a thaw in their relationship.


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