BREAKING: Irregularity Discovered During Epstein’s Suicide!

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Posted 7 days ago

What the actual heck is going on? The Epstein alleged suicide is getting even more bizarre.

It is reported that one of the two guards were not a properly trained correctional officer.

These could possibly be one of the irregularities Attorney General Wiliiam Barr was talking about.

From Independent UK:

One of the two people monitoring Jeffrey Epstein in the hours before his death was not a properly trained prison guard, it has been reported.

As attorney general William Barr condemned “serious irregularities” at the jail where he was being held on bail, and the world waited news of details of an autopsy amid huge speculation and frenzied conspiracy theories, it emerged the 66-year-old disgraced financier had not been checked for several hours before he was found dead in his cell.

Epstein, who was last month arrested and accused of orchestrating a sex trafficking network involving girls as young as 14, had not been suicide at the time of his death, apparently at this own hands.

Regulations did call for him to be checked every 30 minutes, however. Thse rules were put into place after the man who was once a friend of multiple powerful men and celebrities, was was last month found unconscious on the floor of his cell with marks on his neck, an episode officials were investigating as possible suicide attempt or else assault.

The New York Times said only one of the two people who were monitoring Epstein at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in New York City, was a “fully-fledged correctional officer”.

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