JUST IN: High Profile Exit At Turning Point USA Just Reported

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 7 days ago

Conservative Commentator Brandon Tatum announced on Twitter Wednesday evening that be no longer was affiliated with Turning Point USA.


The news comes days after a Turning Point USA Chapter President was booted for declaring “White Power” in a viral video:

As reported by news.vice.com
MAGA-happy student organization Turning Point USA has removed the leader of their University of Nevada, Las Vegas chapter, after a viral video surfaced showing him declaring “white power” while his friend screamed racist slurs.

In the video, the student, identified as Riley Grisar, hugs a woman in bed while making the “OK sign” with his hand and says “white power.” In recent years, the alt-right has appropriated that gesture to symbolize white power.

“We’re going to rule the country,” the woman says in the video. “Fuck the n-----s.” "Fuck ‘em all,” adds an unidentified male recording the video and flipping off the camera.

Turning Point said in a statement Thursday night that Grisar was ousted as soon as the group became aware of the video. “His comments were abhorrent, un-American, and disqualifying,” Turning Point said. “TPUSA has a zero-tolerance policy for hate.”


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