Louisiana Lt. Governor’s Greeting With President Trump Just Went Viral For One Reason

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 7 days ago

On Tuesday, Louisiana’s Lt. Governor Greeted President Trump wearing Trump socks.

As reported by theconservativeopinion.com

On Tuesday, as President Trump arrived in Lake Charles, Louisiana, he was greeted by Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, who stole the show by wearing “Trump Socks” featuring the president’s likeness.

Nungesser’s socks, which bore Trump’s image and hair, earned the president’s approval, as well as a handshake.


The socks, which are available for sale online, are marketed by Gumball Poodle as “Donald Trump socks with soft, luxurious hair you can style, comb over, clip and tease. Change the President’s style to suit your mood!”

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