Young Turks Host Just Exposed Meghan McCain’s Lie

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Posted 7 days ago

Young Turks co-host Ana Kasparian claimed that Meghan McCain is lying about her real views on abortion and her private statements contradict her public opinion.

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The Young Turks co-host Ana Kasparian called out The View‘s Meghan McCain, claiming that McCain’s public statements about abortion being “murder” are in contradiction with things she told Kasparian in private.

On Tuesday’s edition of The Young Turks, Kasparian and TYT founder Cenk Uygur discussed McCain’s latest comments about abortion, in which she claimed that abortion is akin to “allowing murder in the United States of America,” and that “science” proves that life begins at conception.

During the lengthy segment devoted to debunking those claims, Kasparian revealed that in private conversations, McCain told her a different set of beliefs.

“I have a quick message for Meghan,” Kasparian said. “Look, I just wish that you were honest about your real views on abortion.”

“Because her public statements about abortion are very different from her private statements about abortion,” she continued. “So, I’m just putting that out there, because I think it’s important for you to be honest, because women’s lives and livelihood is really being jeopardized here by you trying to win political brownie points by conservatives by saying things that you don’t actually believe.”

“Wow,” a surprised Uygur said.

“I know, shots fired, but I think it’s important to call out people’s dishonesty,” Kasparian said.

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