Cindy McCain Just Sided With the Democrats

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Posted 9 days ago

The late Senator John McCain’s wife is siding with democrats on the need for the border wall. She claims a wall is not going to fix the problem.

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The widow of the late Senator John McCain is once again attacking President Trump on immigration using talking points from the left.

NBC News reported that McCain, on Friday, slammed the idea of a wall to curtail human trafficking at the southern border, which President Donald Trump has repeatedly cited as a problem in an attempt to build support for his long-promised barrier.

“The people that are coming over the border, for the most part, are not trafficked individuals,” McCain told NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden in an interview. “It’s people within our own walls, in our own borders, so a wall is not going to fix this, but education will and awareness will and strengthening our laws will.”

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