Chicago Mayor Elect Welcomes Illegal Immigrants

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Posted 9 days ago

Chicago mayor elect is willing to take President Trump’s challenge and said she will take in illegal immigrants.


Chicago Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot said illegal immigrants are always welcomed to her city, even if President Trump is the one sending them there.

On Friday, Trump confirmed reports that he was seriously considering relocating asylum seekers who exceeded their 20 days in custody to Democratically controlled sanctuary cities nationwide.

Lightfoot, who was recently elected mayor, appeared on CNN and reaffirmed the sanctuary policies in her city.

She dismissed Trump as being “provocative” and told CNN anchor

Anderson Cooper that her city has been dealing with asylum seekers for decades. Trump's threats are “much ado about nothing.”

When asked if she agrees with Chicago’s departing mayor, Rahm Emanuel, about welcoming migrants under such circumstances, she replied, “Of course.”

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