Migrants Arrested After Streaming Torture and Murder Online

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Posted 8 days ago

Three underage Algerian Migrants were arrested in Spain after being implicated in a video that showed them streaming the torture and murder of a man.

As reported by breitbart.com
The three migrants were found by Spanish police in Valencia after being stopped on the metro without tickets. Since the arrest, French authorities have requested the trio be extradited to France, Lyon Capitale reports.

The three were previously wanted in connection with the brutal murder of 28-year-old Ahmed Kourak who was known to police in Lyon and was “known to have been sentenced on several occasions for aggravated theft and violence,” according to public prosecutor Nicolas Jacquet.

He had previously been sentenced to 18 months in prison for aggravated theft and was also sentenced to eight months in prison in 2016 for threatening a man with a knife.

His body was found in an apartment in the city’s Croix-Rousse area on Tuesday the 5th of March, having died of an estimated 60 stab wounds after being tied up and tortured.

The three attackers allegedly posted a live stream of the torture and murder on Facebook.

Following the murder, Lyon police specifically warned people not to share the video on social media saying, “Many of you are reporting a video of torture. An investigation was launched by the Lyon Judicial Police, and Pharos police officers are mobilised to have the video removed. DO NOT RELAY these shocking images!”

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