Uh oh. Police are now focusing on Jussie Smollet's phone, the actor who claimed he was attacked by MAGA people

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Posted 7 days ago

Chicago police said Jussie Smollett and his music manager, Brandon Moore, told detectives they were on the phone when Smollett was being attacked. For a few days, detectives were unable to "independently verify" the call occurred because Smollett refused to turn over his phone.

In the latest on the Smollett investigation, police said they finally got a hold of the phone records related to the alleged attack on the actor. However, the phone records were "limited & redacted". According to police, "Detectives may be following up with him (Smollett) to request additional data to corroborate the investigative timeline."

Some say this be an indication from the CPD that the direction of the investigation is now focusing on Smollet. It's hard to tell what's going on and why Smollet is refusing to handover his entire phone record from that night. Any normal person who actually gets assaulted wouldn't hesitate to give the cops the kitchen sink to catch those who wronged them. Smollett doesn't sound like one of those people.

Here's a Twitter thread on what's going on:


BREAKING: Chicago police confirm to @ABC that today Jussie Smollett submitted phone records from within an hour of the alleged attack to investigators.

MORE: Chicago police spokesman @AJGuglielmi tells @ABC7Chicago police received "limited and redacted phone records from the victim (Smollett). These records will be analyzed by detectives and we will be in contact with the victim should additional information be needed."

MORE: Chicago police tell @ABC and @ABC7Chicago Jussie Smollett's "limited and redacted" phone records were given to detectives at 1:28pm (Chicago time) today.

Revisiting: Chicago police are leading the Smollett attack investigation with assistance from the FBI. We are told the FBI is the lead in the alleged threat letter investigation.

Standby for an update on Jussie Smollet's phone records. We have some new information from police.

UPDATE: After Jussie Smollett turned over "limited & redacted" phone records, Chicago police spokesman @AJGuglielmi tells @ABC7Chicago "We are very appreciative of the victim's cooperation however the records provided do not meet the burden for a criminal investigation..."

MORE: Chicago police spokesman says "Detectives may be following up with him (Smollett) to request additional data to corroborate the investigative timeline."


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