BREAKING: Michael Moore Just Got Some Bad News!

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Posted 7 days ago

Anti-Trump Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has learned that after two failed films his upcoming TV show has been cancelled before it even aired.

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The liberal director Michael Moore was supposed to have his own show on TBS coming up, with a significant amount of editorial control over it.

The program has been canceled before even one episode could air.

Last week, the network axed his upcoming docuseries “TV Nation” — initially called “Michael Moore: Live from the Apocalypse.”
“TV Nation” is the same name as a satirical news show the “Fahrenheit 11/9” filmmaker starred in from 1994-1995.
When Moore signed the development deal in May 2017, he told Deadline the series was supposed to center around “a raucous gathering place for millions of our fellow citizens in desperate need of a break from the screaming pundits and the purveyors of ‘alternative facts.’ Our show will be dangerous and relentless. And it will be the destination for those who want to know what’s really going on and what they might be able to do about it.”
He also said the show would focus on the politics of Washington, D.C., Wall Street, and the “one percent.”
Shortly after the deal was announced, Moore shifted his attention to his failed one-man anti-Trump Broadway show, “The Terms of My Surrender,” which debuted in July 2017 and lasted all of three months.

Initially, the series was set to air in the fall of 2017.
After that, it was scheduled to begin in early 2018, late 2018 — and then finally after the midterm elections, none of which occurred.
Before the show was canceled this month, there was no timetable on when it might see air time.

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